Lance Gross plays rookie Secret Service Agent Marcus Finely who won’t quit until the job is done in the new NBC drama “Crisis” (Courtesy Photo)

NBC releases New Drama starring Actor Lance Gross

by Princess Manasseh
Special to the NNPA from the Los Angeles Sentinel
Lance Gross plays rookie Secret Service Agent Marcus Finely who won’t quit until the job is done in the new NBC drama “Crisis” (Courtesy Photo)

“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” –John F. Kennedy

Premiering Sunday, March 16 NBC’s new original drama “Crisis” starring Lance Gross brings on the danger and the opportunity.  A familiar genre, this crime-thriller combines espionage, suspense, and action, drawing comparisons to shows such as “24” and “Homeland.”

Actress Rachael Taylor, who stars opposite Gross in the drama, says there are some differences that set “Crisis” apart.

“I do think ‘Crisis’ has it’s own peculiar irregularities…there is a strong sentimental aspect…[There is an] emotionally moving component to our show that sets us apart,” explained Taylor.

Gross, who plays rookie Secret Service agent Marcus Finely in the series, says this is his favorite roll to date.  In the past, we’ve seen Gross cast as the romantic lead (Temptation, Our Family Wedding) or in a comedic roles on a sitcoms (House of Payne).  This is his first role in an action thriller, new territory he is excited to explore.

“This is something I’ve been wanting to sink my teeth into for a very long time,” confessed Gross.   “I’ve always been into action and drama and suspense – all that this show is. It was definitely different, but I have an athletic background,” said the actor. “I’m a man’s man,” Gross explained “so this is the kind of stuff we like. The transition [from romantic comedy] was a fun one, it had challenges along the way, but I think I tackled them.”

“Crisis” which centers around the premise of kidnap, takes viewers on a journey into the workings of a criminal organization.  When the students of an elite private D.C. high school are ambushed and taken hostage from a field trip the entire nation takes notice. The plot thickens when we find out the parents of the kidnapped students are some of the country’s biggest power players, including the President and First Lady.  The show makes for solid entertainment, taking viewers on an emotional thrill ride.

“It’s super exciting for me,” said Gross when asked how he felt about shooting the high drama suspense-filled show.

“I talked to anyone I could that was a retired secret service agent…that was the fun stuff, training for this role,” revealed Gross who said he went through gun training to prepare.

For fans of crime-dramas “Crisis” delivers an hour of solid entertainment.  For fans of Lance Gross, the show gives a chance to see the actor portray a different character than usual, one he explained his connection with, to The Sentinel,

“I myself I feel like I’m a protector naturally, so taking on this role I was so excited about it… this is the type of role that’s going to keep me intrigued for years and hopefully, God willing, this show will be on for years.”

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