Lori MacVitte, CSO

( — Taxes and death may be the two certainties in life but for IT the certainty today is cloud. Whether it’s a primarily a line of business decision or an established corporate strategy cloud is, in fact, an inevitability. But what, exactly, does that mean? Is SaaS inevitable? Or IaaS? Or PaaS? Private? Public? All of the above?

What do you mean, cloud?

When F5 surveyed customers the majority gave top billing to all types of cloud as technology they’d invested in the past year as well as having the most strategic impact in the next two to five years. What was interesting about the prominence of cloud in our research was the differing levels of importance placed on the varying models of cloud: private, public, and SaaS. IT leaders recognized the distinction and showed a preference for a private model, one that no doubt keeps complete control firmly within reach.



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