( – We’re still waiting for Microsoft to completely reveal Windows 10 for phones and let users try it out on their own devices. That hasn’t stopped an intrepid leaker from giving users just a taste of what they’ll get when the operating system does arrive, and a few of the screenshots highlight why some might choose a Windows phone over Apple’s iPhone.

Twitter user @S1z33 shared the leaked pictures recently. Sadly, the pictures of what appears is definitely Windows 10 for phones, but doesn’t give us a comprehensive look at everything we can expect from the final version. That being said, we do get a look at the Settings app and the Action Center notification area.

The Action Center in the leaked Windows 10 for phones screenshot has a pull out drawer that contains 12 different settings shortcuts. That’s notable, Windows Phone 8.1 introduced the Action Center, but it only had four buttons for different settings. The Action Center is a combination of the iPhone’s Notification area and Control Center. Windows Phone allows users to customize what settings they can quickly access, something that Control Center doesn’t.


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