(Bustle) – Andrew Garfield shone as the host of Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live,complete with a surprise appearance from his too-cute girlfriend and Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-star Emma Stone. But as much as we all loved Garfield’s performance, there was a disturbing bit buried in Weekend Update that should take precedence over the success of Garfield’s first time hosting. Leslie Jones, one of the new black female writers hired by SNL, made an on-screen appearance on Update to discuss Lupita Nyong’o’s Most Beautiful Woman in The World title, and her commentary took a dark turn when Jones started joking about slavery and the breeding of slaves.

In the bit, Jones tells Update host Colin Jost:

Look at me: See, I’m single right now. But back in the slave days, I would have never been single. I’m six feet tall and I’m strong, Colin, strong! I mean look at me, I’m a mandingo! … I’m just saying that back in the slave days, my love life would have been way better. Master would have hooked me up with the best brother on the plantation, and every nine months I’d be in the corner having a super baby.

To complicate matters further, Jones took to Twitter to publicly respond to criticism for the bit, tweeting:

And it saddens me that BLACK PEOPLE bitch and moan about the most stupid shit. I’m a comic it is my job to take things and make them funny.


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