Rev. Manson B. Johnson
by Manson B. Johnson
Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward-Times



Bible Fact: The Book of Revelation is given by Jesus and written by John to strengthen our hope of the future.

Bible Text: Revelation 1:1; Matthew 24:1-51

Aim:To help students to become aware of what to expect in time and eternality to come.

The Things HereafterChapter 9

I. Fifth trumpet sounded

A. Star falls with key of the bottomless pit v.1

B. Polluted smoke v.2

C. Locusts out of the smoke v.4

D. Locusts to hurt men only not vegetation

E. Hurt but not kill them vv.3-6

F. The look of the locust vv.7-10

G. Angel of the Pit vv.11

H. One woe is past; v.12

2. Sixth trumpet sounded

A. Voices from the altar horns vv.13,14

B. Angels prepared to perform v.15

C. The horsemen v.16-

D. A Trio of Trouble vv.17-19

E. Repercussion but without repentance vv.20,21

Let’s talk about it:

  1. After reading v.1, in your own opinion, why were the keys to the bottomless pit given to an angel and not to one of the saints?
  2. What would be the earthly impact if the skies were polluted with dark smoke as in v.2?
  3. In v.3-6 discuss the Bible fact that in the midst of evil God can keep His people from harm (Exodus 12:12, 14). Be sure to talk about how God controls even death from taking effect.
  4. One of the purposes of the end times is for it to be a horrible experience. Talk about how evil the beast looked in vv.7-10.
  5. In vv. 11-15 discuss how obedient angels are to carry out God’s will with regret.
  6. In vv.16-19 note how these powerful horses and riders spewed out evil upon men. Are we getting clues of beasts using their mouths to speak evil upon people?
  7. Note in vv.19,20 that some will not repent even in the horrible day of the end times. In your opinion, how do you see people becoming that way today?

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