Rev. Manson B. Johnson

by Rev. Manson B. Johnson
Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward Times



Bible Fact: The Book of Revelation is given by Jesus and written by John to strengthen our hope of the future.

Bible Text: Revelation 1:1; Matthew 24:1-51

Aim:To help students to become aware of what to expect in time and eternality to come.

The Things Hereafter: Chapter 18

The Doom of Babylon – Chapter 18

A. Another angel of great power v.1

B. Babylon a refuge for demons v.2

C. The results of Babylon’s wine of wrath v.3

D. A voice pleading from heaven vv.4,5

E. Babylon’s reward v.6

F. Babylon’s selfish pride v.7

G. Babylon’s plagues are swift and consuming v.8

H. Kings lament Babylon’s destruction vv.9,10

I. Merchants weep and mourn at Babylon’s destruction vv.11-19

J. Heaven rejoices over Babylon’s destruction v.20

K. A mighty angel and a great millstone v.21

L. Babylon’s fall purges her sinful activities vv.22,23

M. The blood of the slain righteous found in her v.24

Let’s talk about it:

  1. In v.1, what effect did the appearing of the angel with great power have on the earth?
  2. In v.2, what three ways did the angel describe the falling of Babylon? What practical meaning can this have in the world today?
  3. In v.3, what four ways does the angel describe those who have drunk from the wine cup of Babylon? How many people were influenced by Babylon in v.3?
  4. In vv.4,5, what is the message of the angel to the people of God concerning Babylon? What is the compelling reason that they should respond to the cry of the angel?
  5. In v.6, what is Babylon’s reward for her sins?
  6. In v.7, what is the attitude of Babylon?
  7. In v.8, describe the swift judgment of God upon Babylon and how soon it will come.
  8. In vv.9,10, what is the emotional reaction to the fall and burning of Babylon? Who are those that are reacting?
  9. In vv.11-19, who are they that are so disturbed by the burning of Babylon and why are they carrying on in such a radically emotional way? If this happened today who would these people be?
  10. In v.20, what will rejoice of the fall of Babylon? Why will God avenge Babylon?
  11. In v.21, what does the angel do with the great stone? Why did the angel throw it in that direction?
  12. In vv.22-23, as Babylon is being purged of her sin what impact does her sins have upon the city?
  13. In v.24, who else was discovered in the city and who are they?

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