Thank you for putting first lady Michelle Obama’s picture on the front page of The Informer in this week’s issue [ Dec. 1-7]. To see her in front of one of the White House Christmas trees is a bittersweet reminder of the last few weeks of the Obamas’ stay in the White House. It makes me happy to see her in such a joyous setting as a Christmas tree, but I also am saddened, knowing that this is the last time she will pose for such a picture. The Obamas have brought such a sense of dignity and hospitality and glamour to the White House; it will be difficult for any presidential family following them to match it. It was not only wonderful to have the first African-American family to occupy the White House, but also they were such a nice family and a nice-looking family. And no matter how ugly certain people and groups behaved toward them, they always kept their composure and took the high ground. I will miss them so much!

Marleigh Cook, Alexandria, Va.

Columnist William Reed’s article in the Dec. 1-7 issue of The Informer [“Time for Blacks to Focus on Trump, Not Obama”] initially made me angry. It sounded like he was putting President Obama in a bad light. He began by asking “Exactly what did Barack Obama do for the black race while he was POTUS?” But then he proceeded to answer that question by listing some of the outstanding things that Mr. Obama accomplished during his time in office. These were very significant accomplishments that had profound effects on the black race (as Mr. Reed calls us). Let’s give Barack Obama his due. Yes, he will go down in history as the first African-American president in the U.S., but he should also be given credit for the legacy of accomplishments he leaves behind. Yes, we should keep our focus on President-elect Trump so he will not be able to easily dismantle those things that Obama did for us.

Kelly Mumford, Washington, D.C.

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