I feel so bad for all the kids at Howard University and everywhere else that won’t get to graduate in a ceremony this spring. You wait your whole life for these moments. You struggle through college, just to say you made it, and now everything’s canceled. Even if they reschedule something for a later date, it won’t be the same. Heartbreaking.

Jamie Ferrer
Washington, D.C.

Is It 2021 Yet?

Boy, I tell you, 2020 sounded real good in 2019 — a new decade, the “twenties,” 2020 vision. All that stuff people was saying. This has turned out to be a terrible year and it ain’t even over. First Kobe Bryant gone, now coronavirus killing people by the boatload every day. Is this the rapture? Just asking.

Tommy McDougall
Germantown, Md.

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