Letters to the Editor /Photo: iStock
Letters to the Editor /Photo: iStock

I read your article “Prince George’s Residents Hear Traffic Plan for Casino Resort” by William J. Ford in the October 20th edition of The Informer and was very disappointed. I kept reading, hoping to read that there would be a solution to a traffic problem that already exists, but there was none. I cannot believe the county has not made any plans for the traffic nightmare that the opening of this casino will create. They say make alternate plans such as ride share. Is that their plan? That’s a joke! There needs to be a coming together of the entire region to come up with a real plan to manage the flow of traffic in and around the new MGM Casino.

Benny Roberts, Fort Washington, MD

District Cares Little for Longtime Black Congregations

Thank you, thank you for your article, “Black Churches being Pushed out of Nation’s Capital” by Courtney Davis in the October 20, 2016 edition of The Informer. I have been a member of my church in northwest DC for all of my life and it is a crying shame how the District’s government treats members of our church who come to our services. Whenever our church holds weekday services or special services during the week our members and visitors are bombarded with parking tickets. The new residents have pushed for and now have succeeded in having parking restrictions on Sundays. Black congregations have a long history of contributing to the moral fiber of the District of Columbia but the new residents don’t have any idea and don’t care to know the history of the churches in their neighborhoods. I believe that the D.C. government’s plan is to force all Black churches to leave so they can sell their land for development.

Robert Downing, Washington, DC

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