The cost of smoking in America has reached $300 billion annually. (Courtesy photo)
Courtesy photo

I totally agree with the story “Smoking’s Bad for Your Health, but Some Say ‘So Is The Pandemic.’” I didn’t realize how much this year has truly impacted my physical and mental health. From being isolated all the time to being in fear every time I step out of the house, it has all been too much. I’m looking forward to the vaccine and getting back to normal.

Dana Franklin
Washington, D.C.

Don’t Forget Luther

I just wanted to add to the Editor D. Kevin McNeir’s Christmas playlist. You must add the iconic and indelible Luther Vandross to the holiday classics. As a child, my mother played his “This Is Christmas” album all holiday season and now it doesn’t feel like Christmas if Luther isn’t ministering through music. If you haven’t heard, take a listen! Happy holidays!

Gabby Denin
Washington, D.C.

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