Dusty Baker
**FILE** Dusty Baker (John De Freitas/The Washington Informer)

Goodbye, Dusty Baker, you were a great manager for the Washington Nationals and for the Washington community. You made us all very proud. I know there will be countless young baseball players who will remember you for the way you managed the team and how you inspired so many with your presence in the dugout. You leave Washington a better baseball town. You brought more fans to the game, and for that you will never be forgotten. Baseball is a great sport with a great history and the fact that you were the manager of the Washington Nationals has provided us with a link to that history. And for that I want to thank you.

Charles Allen
Alexandria, Va.

WI a Beacon in Community for 53 Years

Congratulations to you, your staff and publisher for 53 years of some of the best news coverage in the Washington, D.C., area. It’s been said over and over again that The Washington Informer provides the community with the kind of news that no other news outlets will cover, the positive news in the community. The article, “Washington Informer Remains ‘True to its Mission’” by D. Kevin McNeir in the Oct. 19th edition, was wonderfully written. In that article, The Informer publisher, Denise Rolark-Barnes, said about Ward 8, “The changes that have occurred were only possible when the community became engaged and it’s been the Black Press who has given voice to those people.” That is so on point!

Raymond Hood
Washington, D.C.

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