Dusty Baker
**FILE** Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker (Travis Riddick/The Washington Informer)

Ever since the Washington Nationals hired Dusty Baker as their manager it has made me a crazy Nats fan. I live and die with the Nationals all season long. Your article by Sarafina Wright, “Dusty Baker: Veteran Player, Manager and History Maker,” in the June 22 edition was fantastic. It was one of the best articles I have ever read about Dusty Baker. Reading that article just reinforced for me why I think Dusty Baker is one of the greatest baseball managers of all time. As I read the article, I could just feel the historic things he was trying to relate to us. I am always amazed at how people who experienced and lived through those awful times in history can be so understanding and forgiving. It is a true testament to his faith and ability to forgive. I know the Washington Nationals hired Dusty Baker for his baseball knowledge, but I think everyone in the DMV should feel proud that Dusty Baker is representing us as part of the Washington Nationals.

Steve Beasley
Washington, D.C.

The Circus is in Town

Count me in on being excited about the coming of the UniverSoul Circus to FedEx Field. I always have some of my most enjoyable experiences at that circus. They really know how to rock you. The article by D. Kevin McNeir, “Onionhead: A Clown for All Seasons,” in the past issue of The Informer was wonderful to read. I have to admit I had to read over it a couple of times because I didn’t believe I read that Onionhead was 75 years old and didn’t join the circus until he was 56. Now that’s saying something about chasing your dream. I love clowns and a small part of me always wanted to be a clown, but I don’t think I would have the nerve to pursue being a clown at the age of 56; that is just so amazing. What a great article!

Lenny King
Alexandria, Va.

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