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When I read in The Washington Informer last year about the success of the students at Ballou Senior High School, I was thrilled. One could only be extremely encouraged over the fact that the entire senior class had applied to college, which must have been a historical moment for the school. I know for a fact that there are too many young people across our city that never see higher education in their future and to have the assistance of school teachers and counselors to lead them through a college application must have been life-changing for many of those students. And now we hear that many of those same students did not meet the requirements for graduation. So where are they now? Will The Informer follow up on that story one year later? How many went to college and did they make it through the first semester? It’s a shame what is happening in our schools that teachers and administrators are taking shortcuts just like their students. I hope The Informer will continue to follow this story because education is extremely important to the success of our community.

Valerie Buff
Washington, D.C.

Send Trump Back to His S—hole

How dare Donald Trump disgrace the land where even his own ancestors came from, if he truly knew the history of mankind. But in his effort to reduce the numbers of immigrants, many who are seeking refuge in the U.S., he used racist remarks to focus on those who from Africa and Haiti. I have close connections to the African community and I am always impressed by the high value they place on education. Their children, for the most part, are high achievers and they are never given the kind of recognition other ethnic groups get for their contributions to STEM and the financial sectors of this country. Mr. Trump should be ashamed, but more African Americans need to stand up against the racism that always seems to be directed at us.

Jonathan Gray
Hyattsville, Md.

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