Scores of blacks and other Americans, continue to march and protest in solidarity, determined to change police policies and laws that affect the lives of black men, women and children — even resulting in their deaths. The hashtag #blacklivesmatter has gained a life of its own as its message remains one of profound magnitude. (Courtesy of

Your article in the Editor’s Column, “FBI’s ‘Extremists’ List Should Include White Supremacists Not Black Activists,” is very frightening. As one who lived through the FBI’s open season on the Black Panther Party, to once again see this coming is real scary. These people are very serious and will kill without giving it a second thought when they have the so-called justice system on their side. They hide behind their badges and use their authority to lie, intimidate and get false testimonies to reign terror in the Black community. It shouldn’t be a surprise that “White supremacists” groups are not on this list. You see, they are the ones putting the list together.

Carl Johnson
Washington, D.C.

Is Jesse’s BMW Beef Too Personal?

My letter is about your article, “Jesse Jackson Calls for ‘Full-Scale’ Boycott of BMW,” by Freddie Allen, NNPA Newswire Contributor. My understanding is that BMW didn’t complete a survey or diversity scorecard issued to them by PUSH. But PUSH is not issuing a call for a boycott of other automakers that completed the diversity scorecard and failed, such as Kia, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. To me, that’s like a teacher telling students if you got an “F” on the test, you passed; but if you didn’t take the test, you got an “F” and you failed. If you are going to call for a boycott for not hiring or doing business with the black community, call a boycott on those who didn’t pass — don’t call a boycott because your feelings were hurt or you as an organization felt “you” were disrespected.

Tony Mitchell
Washington, D.C.

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