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Over the past few years I have read William Reed’s “Business Exchange” column in your paper with great interest. I marveled how Mr. Reed was always bashing the Democrats and why blacks should trust and back Republican candidates because, he always wrote, Democrats would never do anything for blacks because they took our votes for granted. He was especially hard on President Obama and his administration for what he viewed as a lack of interest in issues in the black community and our needs. Well, in his column, “Trump Administration Appoints White Woman to Head Civil Rights” it sounds like he is starting to see the light, and his glowing light on the Republicans is starting to fade. I will continue to read his column to see if the Trump administration will change his views, and his writing.

Eric Moore
Washington, D.C.

Wizards’ Death Row Persona a Bad Rap

As a lifelong District resident and Washington Wizards fan, I was very disappointed to read that the members of the current team have decided to take on the persona of the nickname “Death Row DC.” I know your paper didn’t cover this story and I am glad, but I had to write a letter to you in hopes that you would publish it. That nickname is the worst label to represent a team from the District of Columbia I’ve ever heard. I am surprised the leadership of the Wizards let such a label get out in public after the fiasco of the Gilbert Arenas era. I know a lot of young people are into “gangsta rap,” but “Death Row DC” is not an appropriate nickname for our young fans, or any fan, to be rooting for to win anything!

James Ruben
Washington, D.C.

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