**FILE** Kevin Ward (Courtesy of wardforhyattsville.com)
**FILE** Kevin Ward (Courtesy of wardforhyattsville.com)

First, let me say rest peacefully to Hyattsville Mayor Kevin Ward. Also, sending congratulations to Dr. Monifa Knight, the new public school superintendent for Montgomery County. She’s the first Black woman to hold the position, and I know she will do exceedingly well with her pedigree. 

Charles Carroll
Silver Spring, Md.

Fixing Crime Begins at Home

The D.C. carjackings are out of control, and everybody’s afraid to say it — well, I’ll say it. These young people out on the streets committing these crimes come from homes that have failed them. There are no family units, present parents, structure in the house, none of that. They’re left to figure it out with nothing but bad influences in their face. I believe crime will diminish when the old values become new again. 

Richard Fenley
Washington, D.C.

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