I’m so glad that the “White Supremacists Buckle Under Counter Pressure” happened. This is what America is all about. Standing against hatred, bigots and White supremacy as a whole. One day they will realize that their hate is what keeps them alive, and without it they will realize they have nothing to live for. I think that’s why they cling to their hate so much. Bye, hatemongers, and don’t come back to our great city.

Katherine Melle
Washington, D.C.

Cheers to Ben’s on 60th

Congrats to Virginia Ali for 60 years of Ben’s Chili Bowl! It’s awesome to see that they have survived in D.C. through the years better than most in the food business. I’ll say that I haven’t been to Ben’s in years because I’m not a tourist, but I recognize that this establishment has done the city well and, most importantly, has kept our Black history on display for all to see.

Diane Meachem
Largo, Md.

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