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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Dems Need Reality Check to Beat Trump

I read your story “Black Democrats Mum on 2020 Hopefuls,” and I am “mum” too because none of these people have a chance at beating Trump. It’s not that I think they aren’t qualified or politically astute, but they just don’t have “it” to take on that MAGA machine who will most definitely fight to keep Cheeto in the oval office. We need to employ strategy, not act on our emotions. Simply put, we need a white male of affluence to take on Trump and mobilize the base if we want to win. It is what it is.

Jennifer Bullock
Arlington, Va.

Pet Project

I really enjoyed the companion animal story for seniors, and it got me to thinking about looking into a dog for myself. I never really thought about it, but I get a lot of joy from my family’s pets and one would do me well. I didn’t know that pets help with feelings of loneliness and depression, but I’m glad I do now.

Sharon Lipscomb
Washington, D.C.

WI a Lifeline for Community

I am a senior citizen and I don’t get out too often. Through the grace of God, The Informer is delivered to my apartment building. The Informer keeps me abreast on vital issues in the community and I look forward with anticipation to the next issue.

Ronald Smith

Keep it Real about Kamala

I read your article “Black History Month: Black Women Remain the Backbone of the Struggle.” I was disappointed that you identified Kamala Harris as a “Strong Black Woman.” Has she ever publicly identified as a Black woman? Kamala Harris is many things, an adulterer is one of them. She is not a descendant of American chattel slavery. If you knew her history, you would know that she was born in America and raised by her Indian mother in Canada. Her Jamaican father was not a part of her everyday life throughout her formative years in Canada. This means that her thinking process and the way she views the world is distinctly NOT that of a descendant of American chattel slavery. And especially NOT that of a “strong Black woman.”

Please stop falling for her trap of playing a Black person because you are desperate to see anyone with a bit of
pigment in their skin win. I am unsure if you are a descendant of American chattel slavery as I am, but it is high time that we stop inviting anyone with pigment in their skin into our demographic. The only thing this woman cares about is votes and getting into office.

Angel Mary

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