Dick Gregory
Dick Gregory (Courtesy photo)

My heart is saddened with the passing of Dick Gregory. Over the years I have watched, listened and learned from Mr. Gregory. He was a man of great principles and convictions and he would not let anyone or anything turn him from them. He, along with so many others, gave up so much to walk a road to fight for the rights of those of us who faced discrimination and injustice, for which he will always be remembered. I believe we could all learn something from the way he lived his life. In these days and times, we could all use a lot of courage, a bigger heart, and a loving spirit. Rest in peace, Mr. Dick Gregory!

Ronald Hill
Washington, D.C.

Informer a Beacon for Community

In today’s world, news is coming at us like bullets every minute of the day and night. We are bombarded with stories of events and disasters that are often too terrible to believe, even outrageous actions and remarks by our so-called president. Some of it might be fake news, as our tweeting president says. Most of it is not. The Washington Informer is one of those newspapers that we can rely on for real news about our communities. Thank goodness we can pick it up and read with assurance about happenings that affect us in so many ways. The Informer is a shining example of why it is important to have access to news about us and written by us. In times like these, we need The Informer to keep those presses rolling!

Helen Campos
Washington, D.C.

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