Members of the DC Metropolitan Police Department bicycle unit ride up 15th Street Northwest to greet the protesters carrying a 50-foot inflated marijuana joint down the street. /Photo by Nancy Shia @nancy_shia
**FILE** Members of the DC Metropolitan Police Department's bicycle unit (Nancy Shia/The Washington Informer)

Not that I think it will solve all issues like police brutality, but I do think more everyday residents should consider a career in law enforcement. I mean, if we want to police our own communities, this is the way to go. It can also be an economic boost to our community. At the end of the day, job equals money.

Ginny Cathcart
Washington, D.C.

WI Intern Shines This Summer

I really enjoyed the “Informer Intern Shares Summer Experiences” story. She did a great job painting the picture of what her work included. I love how at the end of it she saw the value in organizing the papers. Honey, you can now put an archivist, historian, researcher on your resume. That is very valuable work for our young people to do. I would take that over fast food, retail any day. Good job, Washington Informer! Any teen able to work with you all is blessed!

Fran Dacem
Washington, D.C.

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