Courtesy of Exelon-Pepco
Courtesy of Exelon-Pepco

The article by Stacy M. Brown, “Environmentalists Blast Exelon-Bowser Deal” in the Oct. 29, 2015 edition of The Washington Informer made for good reading, but I am now even more confused than I was before reading it. My wife and I are seniors living in the District of Columbia and for the past year or so we have been bombarded with mailings and people knocking at our door asking us to switch our gas or electric company to this or that company. Each time they say that Pepco or Washington Gas will continue to be the provider, but another company will bill us at a lower rate. What’s going on? How is this merger going to affect all of this stuff? I think more information needs to be disseminated throughout the community on how this new company will work for all of us. Also, we need to know if these people who are out here trying to get people to switch to their companies are legit are not; it’s just too much confusion. I hope someone will do an article explaining which utility companies are for real and which ones are not.

James Long, Washington, D.C.

WI Opens Eyes of Southerner

I have recently moved to the DMV from the South and I think your newspaper is outstanding. I wish we had a newspaper like yours in the city where I just left. I am sure many of your readers can’t imagine never reading any good news about themselves, or seeing photos of positive events happening where they live. Well, that’s the way it is where I come from. Even though there are events and happenings that could be published, unfortunately the only way blacks get in the papers is if we commit a crime or do something stupid. It’s very degrading to only see yourselves in the media as criminals and dummies. Hopefully someday someone will start a newspaper similar to yours for the people of my hometown so that they can see themselves in a better light and start to feel better about themselves. I got the opportunity to leave, and I did, but for many there is no choice but to stay, so a paper like the Informer would be a tremendous addition for individuals looking for positive images. I have already sent your website to friends and family members so they can see the type of information that I am reading on a weekly basis. I just felt like I had to let you know just how lucky your readers are.

Terrance Gilmore, Prince George’s County

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