Talladega College Marching Band (Courtesy photo)
Talladega College Marching Band (Courtesy photo)

I agree with the decision made by the president of Talladega College to let its band march in the inauguration parade (“Talladega Band Agrees to Perform at Inauguration,” by Stacy Brown, Jan. 12, 2017). As an African-American male, I still believe in what America stands for; if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have spent more than 20 years in the military serving this great country. Like it or not, Donald Trump is our president and we have to make the best of it. We must not show fear, no matter what outsiders and fear-mongers produce. America is the best thing going and we must continue to show the world that this is our country and that one man or four years of indifference cannot change that. So I applaud Talladega College. March proud and play great for America!

Rodney Jamerson
Fort Washington, Maryland

Obama’s Greatness Will Soon Be Evident

I just loved the front-page photograph and the article by Stacy Brown, “Yes, He Did!” in the Jan. 12, 2017, edition of The Washington Informer. I listened to President Obama’s speech and it made me cry, not because I was sad, but because I was so proud of how he handled himself through everything his enemies threw at him. He is truly a great president and I believe history, when its all said and done, will prove what I’ve said is true. Now that brings me to another point: I read in another news media outlet that members of a Jewish country club didn’t want President Obama to join their club because he didn’t use the U.S. veto power in the UN in favor of Israel on one occasion! Well, I say don’t join their club! There are a lot of county clubs in the area who would love to have you as a member. President Obama, you don’t have to beg for anything; you have earned your respect and you shouldn’t have to deal with those who don’t want to give it. And by the way, President Obama did more for Israel and for pushing the Middle East peace process than any other president in a long time!

Lawrence Boykin
Washington, D.C.

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