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I would like to send a shout out to the Howard University Bison football team: That’s how we roll here in the DMV! That victory over UNLV by Howard’s team was sooo amazing. I know a lot of young people don’t remember this, but there was a time when most of the great black football players came from schools that are now called HBCUs. Grambling, Howard, Florida A&M, Alcorn State, Hampton, Jackson State, Morgan State and Texas Southern are just some of the schools where NFL scouts camped out to find talent for their teams. A lot of the players who are now in the NFL Hall of Fame came from some of those schools. The Howard Bison football team made all of us here in Washington, D.C., very proud because they achieved something no one expected them to be able to do. With that, I hope young people here in the DMV see that you don’t have to go to a large conference university to play football and to be able to accomplish something great.

Larry Williams
Washington, D.C.

WI Makes Mark in D.C. and Beyond

Reading The Washington Informer is one of the best things I do every week. I really look forward the picking up my paper on Thursdays. The articles in the Informer are very well-written and informative. I do have a question though: When you have articles about national events, such as the hurricanes, do you actually send reporters to those locations? Your paper is free and I can just imagine what the cost would be to do that. Anyway, whatever the answer is, your paper does a great job of bringing information to us and I really appreciate that. If there is an award for the best newspaper in the Washington, D.C., area, The Washington Informer would get my vote every time.

Katherine Powell
Washington, D.C.

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