Martin Luther King III
**FILE** Martin Luther King III, the oldest son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., visits the R.I.S.E. Center in Southeast on Jan. 9 and shares thoughts about his father with Denise Rolark Barnes, publisher of The Washington Informer. (Travis Riddick/The Washington Informer)

Your Jan. 19 edition of The Washington Informer was fantastic! I just loved the article on the conversation between your publisher, Denise Rolark Barnes and the oldest son of Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Luther King III. When he said, “despite being his [MLK’s] son, I would not presume to be able to speak for Dad,” it struck me deep down in my soul. That was so true, so outright honest for him to say. Just a great read! Your coverage of the festivities around the MLK Day Parade and the Peace March were superb. You always seem to put out a good paper, but this week’s edition is simply fantastic. Keep up the good work, because you are appreciated.

Monica Lee
Washington, D.C.

Casino Brings Needed Jobs to DMV

As I drove along 495 while the MGM Casino was being built, I would say to myself, “why in the world would they put a casino right here?” Your newspaper has done countless articles on and about the whole process of building this resort, explaining the Prince George’s government’s view, which centers on economics and even the opposing views, which mainly center on traffic and infrastructure. I would like to add my view to this ongoing debate. Over the past couple of months, I have personally met four individuals who have jobs at the MGM Casino. Two of the four were unemployed at the time they got their jobs. They all talked about the good work environment, the pay, and the benefits they receive. To me, providing jobs to those who want to work is tops. I can now see why they built the casino off of 495.

George Simmons
Prince Georges County, Md.

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