The annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Peace Walk is held on Jan. 16, the federal holiday honoring the civil rights icon, on MLK Avenue in southeast D.C. (Travis Riddick/The Washington Informer)

My job moved me to this area about six months ago, and my neighbor recently turned me on to your newspaper. Because of my job, I have lived in quite a few communities around the country, and I have read most of their newspapers, but I have never read a newspaper quite like yours, for free! Believe me when I say in most other places you would pay a handsome price to get the quality of reporting, writing and photography seen in your newspaper. Your newspaper should be used as a model and copied by newspapers around the country; you are really doing something that’s amazing. Whatever or however you are doing it, I hope it continues, because your newspaper is really something special.

Robert Kingman
Silver Spring, Md.

WI Building a Better Bridge

I wanted to write to you to express my absolute joy in seeing the “Black Love Experience in Anacostia” in The Washington Informer Bridge, February 2017 edition. First of all, that front-page photograph was absolutely the most stunning expression of beauty and confidence in one’s self that I have ever seen. Secondly, The Bridge, as a whole, was great. I have watched the progression of this insert in your newspaper and it is getting better and better. When I saw the front-page photograph, I knew I had to write and let you know just how impressive that was. Thank you so much for all of the work you and your staff does.

Matthew Brown
Washington, D.C.

WI Guest Author

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