Ben Jealous
**FILE** Maryland gubernatorial hopeful Ben Jealous addresses supporters after winning the Democratic primary on June 26.

I was shocked to see that Rushern Baker lost the Democratic primary for governor of Maryland to Ben Jealous. Maybe I’m uniformed, but I didn’t know that folks considered Mr. Jealous a formidable politician, but that sounds silly now that I think about it because Trump is president, so things have obviously changed. I’m not sure if he can win in November, but I hope so for the sake of the folks in Maryland. Mr. Baker served as a great county executive of Prince George’s County and I know he will go on to do more great things with his political career.

Mel Tucker
Laurel, Md.

Bridging the Gap for Millennials

I was super-impressed with last month’s WI Bridge. As a millennial not from Washington, D.C., it really captured the essence of all things great about this city. I feel like I received a history lesson and a little insight about whose who in D.C. I’ve only been reading The Washington Informer for a short while, but paper is such high quality and so is The Bridge. I’m hoping to be a contributor. It looks fun and like it’s just for me.

Sheena Miles
Washington, D.C.

WI Guest Author

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