Washington Informer Publisher Denise Rolark Barnes, third-place winner Robert Foster, winner Margaret Isacson, second-place winner Jude Martin and Tracye Funn from Washington Gas during the awards ceremony after the bee (Roy Lewis/The Washington Informer)

Your newspaper’s continued support of the Spelling Bee is one of the great testaments of how and why your organization is held by so many as a real valuable asset to our community. The 35th annual Washington Informer Spelling Bee supplement in the April 6, 2017, edition shows that you and your staff value the commitment that these young people put into competing in this competition. It is an outstanding supplement, with wonderful stories. As a parent, I can remember working with my daughters as they prepared for the school-wide spelling bees. Although they never made it to the citywide competition, there was always the excitement of the competition that we will never forget. I hope to someday read the 100th annual Washington Spelling Bee supplement — in other words, I hope your support for this wonderful competition never ends.

Margie Williams
Washington, D.C.

Black Golfers Hitting the Links, Too

I am a big Washington Nationals baseball fan, and I just loved the article by Sarafina Wright, “Nationals Home Opener is Simply Fan-tastic” on the front page of the recent Washington Informer. But do you know what other time of the year it is? It’s Masters week, and that signals the beginning of golf season. It would be nice to read some articles about golf in the African-American D.C. community. I am sure there are some great stories out there about golfers of all ages who loved the game long before the Tiger Woods era. It’s just a suggestion. Anyway, thanks for the Nats story, it was good reading.

Calvin Brown
Washington, D.C.

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