Charlie Wilson
Charlie Wilson (Courtesy of P Music Group)

I was so excited to read about “Uncle” Charlie Wilson’s latest career victory. I loved him since the Gap Band days and it warms my heart to see that he is still going strong as he’s overcome so much. Only in The Washington Informer can I read about the stars of my day and what they’re doing currently. If I didn’t read about his two number-one records in this paper, I would have never known. Yay, Mr. Wilson!

Yvette Shockey
Bowie, Maryland

Boseman Does HU Proud

The cover of The Washington Informer caught my eye this week. As a loyal reader, I sometimes forget how good of a paper it is for our community in the District. Seeing brother Chadwick Boseman, a South Carolinian, Howard alum and, of course, the star of “Black Panther,” on the cover made me extremely proud. I think my beloved Howard University has produced the best and brightest and continues to in 2018 with Mr. Boseman. I watched his speech on the internet and I loved how he drove the point to the kids that we cannot settle, nor accept anything thrown at us just for an “opportunity.” The right opportunity is worth the wait.

Marvin Banks
Alexandria, Virginia

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