The new MGM National Harbor casino resort opened for business Dec. 8. (Travis Riddick)
**FILE** MGM National Harbor casino resort (Travis Riddick/The Washington Informer) Credit: Travis Riddick

I recently visited National Harbor, and while there I stepped into the MGM Casino. The first thing that struck me was all the people who seemed to be fixated on those slot machines. They sat there putting money, money and more money into those money-gobbling machines. They saw the big win just around the corner on their next push of the button, but the machine just gobbled their hard-earned money over and over again. With all this money constantly going in and so little actually coming out, why should Prince George’s County be desperately trying to fund a new medical center? [“Prince George’s Hospital Project Shortchanged in State Budget, Officials Say,” by William J. Ford, Jan. 26-Feb.1 edition]. MGM, the owner and operator of the gigantic casino and hotel, should just write a check to give county residents what they need. I’m sure it’s a small amount compared to what they are raking in every month at the slot machines alone.

Johnetta Bailey
Baltimore, Maryland

We Need to Cultivate Youth as Leaders

I was so glad when I read “NAACP Alternative Rally Calls for Resistance” by Sarafina Wright in your latest edition of The Washington Informer. With the new administration setting up shop and everybody angry at what they are doing and proposing to do, it gets a little wearying to hear about yet another protest rally every day. This article focused on the young people’s component of the NAACP and what they think needs to be done. We cannot overlook the youth population because they will eventually be the policymakers and changers for this country. It’s good that they are formulating strategies, as well as deciding what not to do. The recording artist Jidenna showed insight when he said that social media should not be the foundation of any resistance movement. What a breath of fresh air to hear a young person say that! We all should feel grateful to the NAACP for establishing a youth division in which our future leaders can discuss and plan strategies that just might change some things.

Athena Everby
Washington, D.C.

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