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Local Athletes Deserve Shine

Every week I look forward to receiving The Informer because it does exactly what’s in the name: inform. I do have a few suggestions of things I would like to see as a loyal reader. I would love to see more coverage of high school athletes. I have grandsons and granddaughters who are athletes and they would be thrilled to see themselves in the paper, especially a paper that’s been a part of their lives from the beginning. I remember how I felt back in the day seeing photos of me in the paper when I was a basketball star. I hope you take this into consideration.

Charles Venn
Washington, D.C.

Special Sections Add Value to WI

I really appreciate the special issues you guys do inside of the main issue that focuses on health, finance and homeownership. I’ve learned a lot from those things and I pass them on to my friends and family because it’s free, good quality information. Keep it up, Washington Informer!

Mary Francis
Ft. Washington, Md.

WI Guest Author

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