Lonnie G. Bunch III (Michael Barnes/Smithsonian Institute)
Lonnie G. Bunch III (Michael Barnes/Smithsonian Institute)

Kudos to Mr. Lonnie Bunch and his latest appointment. He’s been a hero of mine for a while now for single-handedly bringing the African American Museum to life. Since its opening, he has masterfully handled the crowds, success and programing of this country’s best institution. His position as the 14th Smithsonian secretary is well-deserved.

Camery Simmons
Washington, D.C.

Blacks and the Arts

The Washington Informer continues to wow me. I appreciate the extensive arts and music coverage this issue. Black people care about the arts, too!

Geneva Keever

WI Expanding Horizons

Im writing to share how great it has been to have The Washington Informer in Prince George’s County — inside Starbucks!

The role of the Black newspaper can never be discounted and its important that it can reach its readers and/or target market in the places that they frequent. How cool is it to be at the counter and see The Washington Informer at Starbucks in Largo?

The copies leave quickly and I caught a patron enjoying a copy on Saturday.

I’m a Starbucks regular. I know the stores and customers. Congratulations on showing up in places we frequent.

Michael Smith

WI Guest Author

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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