All I can say is amen to the editor’s column of “If You’re Serious About Reaching Your Destiny, Be Willing to Walk the Road Alone.” The timing of it was perfect for me because sometimes I tend to forget that no one is responsible for my dreams but me. Many times I have stalled on my own dreams because I was waiting for people to cheer me on or help me and, boy, was I wrong. I’ve learned just like you said, editor: If I want my dreams to come true, I have to be willing to go after them alone!

Bernice Tillman
Washington, D.C.

Aretha Eulogy Crosses Line

I could not believe that Pastor Jasper Williams used Queen Aretha’s eulogy to spew his right-wing conservative bull-gabble. I read that he was selected because he gave the eulogy at her father’s funeral, but my thing is, so what?! He clearly only thinks highly of “respectable” Black people and damns anyone else who is less than perfect, including Aretha Franklin. The family should have done their research before they selected him. They would’ve came out better having Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or even Judge Mathis than him.

Tommie Brown
Hyattsville, Md.

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