I think it’s cute comedian Red Grant is running for mayor in 2022. While I won’t knock the brother for his political ambitions, this is no time for games. Mayor Bowser has done a lot of good work and we need the same level of competence for whoever takes office next. For those who think, “Oh, Red won’t be elected,” take a look at history and do not assume.

DaWanda Parker
Washington, D.C.

Giving It a Shot

I’m not sure how I feel about talks of mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for minors. On one hand, I feel as though people shouldn’t be forced to take it, especially not children. But on the other hand, almost all of us have taken vaccines as children and we are fine with no real adverse effects. If I had to choose, I think we should listen to the medical experts.

Barbara Feely
Washington, D.C.

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