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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Metro Doesn’t Deserve More Money

I read the article by William J. Ford in the September 21, 2017, edition, “Metro GM Beats Drum for Increased Funding.” In my opinion, giving Metro more money is a joke. Metro shouldn’t get another dime until it starts to give better service. All we hear is that they need money for this and money for that; well, what about giving some good service? They say they need to close early for maintenance, but they still do single tracking during the hours that they are open, every night. Why can’t they wait until they close to do the maintenance? The metro workers in the station even shut off the escalators early, I mean almost an hour before closing! Now does that make any sense? I ride the train every night and I might see a police officer once a week on my train. All the time they want to increase fares. If I had a vote I would vote no, no money until you can give better service.

Charlotte Watson
Suitland, Md.

Don’t Make Columbus a Scapegoat

Ending Columbus Day, does that give back the land stolen from the Native Americans? I’m referring to the article by Stacy M. Brown, “Columbus Day Ends in Los Angeles — D.C. Next?” Instead of ending the celebration of an idea, we should be educating our young people about what really happened. There is nothing wrong with celebrating an explorer; the crime is celebrating him or her for the wrong reason. Columbus didn’t commit the crime; it was the Europeans, then the historians, that committed the crime. Explorers discover, and in the time of Columbus, discovering lands outside of Europe was a discovery to them. America is an idea and we should be putting our energy into getting this idea right.

Ken Logan
Washington, D.C.

Great Things Happening at Masjid Muhammad

What a pleasure to open my email and find the article from The Informer. So pleased that The Informer reported on the outreach event that Ibrahim Mumin held at Masjid Muhammad. What a wonderful resource Denise continues to provide with that wonderful community resource. Ibrahim, thanks for doing the hard work to bring people together to develop stronger lines of communication and understanding. Next time you have an open house please let me know. I’d love to attend.

Andy Litsky
Chairman, ANC-6D

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