Letters to the Editor /Photo: iStock
Letters to the Editor /Photo: iStock

Metro is broken and cannot be fixed, period! After reading William J. Ford’s article, “Metro Quarterly Report Card Better, But Still Needs More Improvement,” I had to laugh. The Metro system is so badly broken there is no way to fix it. Directors who were more interested in money-grabbing than running a reliable, safe system ran the entire Metro system into the ground. Years of jackleg maintenance that led to shoddy work that led to overpaid overtime that led to unreliable service that led to unsafe conditions that eventually led us to this point, “a system too broken to be fixed.” Now that thousands of us depend on Metro to and from work each day, what do we do?

Charles Hawkins, Bowie, Md.

‘Satchmo’s’ True Story Deserves Telling

Your article by Lauren Poteat, “One-Man ‘Satchmo’ Show Captivates,” in the Sept. 15, 2016 edition is simply great. I have not seen the play yet, but I plan to. Louis Armstrong, to me, is the greatest but most misunderstood jazz musician in American history. I was one of those, like in the article, that would call Mr. Armstrong an “Uncle Tom.” I later came to understand that I was doing it because I was the one who was ignorant. The true story of Louis Armstrong needs to be told again and again, so that people like me who were ignorant of the real facts can see for themselves the real creative genius of this African-American hero. Washington Informer, you deserve a standing ovation for covering this production.

Paul Dudley, Washington, D.C.

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