Maxine Blake honoree and Raynard Jackson, program founder (Travis Riddick/The Washington Informer)

Thank you for the front-page article, “Black Republicans: No Longer the Elephant in the Room,” by D. Kevin McNeir. Although I am a Democrat, my grandmother, now deceased, was a lifelong Republican. She used to tell me and my sisters that she would always vote for a Republican over a Democrat, no matter who they were. What really blew me away was when she told us she didn’t even vote for President Roosevelt during the Great Depression. She was a true Republican, saying that where she grew up Democrats were the nastiest and most untrustworthy people around. They took anything they wanted and never gave anything back. In her later years when she read things like black Republicans were Uncle Toms, or the Republican Party was ignoring blacks, she would say, “Nonsense, they don’t know what they are talking about.” She believed that Republicans’ principles were more in line with what she believed in: faith in God, maintaining a strong family and the importance of hard work. When I read your article, it made me think of my grandmother and reminded me of how much I miss her.

Gerald Johnson
Alexandria, Va.

Informer’s Black History Section Is the Best

I have really been enjoying the Black History Month Section in The Washington Informer this month. Every week I have been learning something new about African-American history. My favorite part is the calendar. There is not another place where you can find out all of the happenings in and around the DMV; it is just superb. Thank you, Washington Informer. When it comes to providing information for and about us, you are the best!

Alisa Worthington
Washington, D.C.

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