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I am absolutely not surprised at the story “Traffic Cameras More Prevalent in District’s Black Neighborhoods” by Tatyana Hopkins. We always seem to get the short end of the stick and done wrong. The sad thing is that these are policies sent down by the government, so I don’t know what we are supposed to do to fight this. I think the Black and White council members in the District who represent us should do something about this. These are the issues that affect us on an everyday basis. We have to challenge our lawmakers on this issue.

Grace Lanham
Washington, D.C.

Black Men: Keep Eye on Health

I really enjoyed the Men’s Health Tips in your paper this week. I thought it was excellent advice and I passed it along to my husband. It’s important for me as a wife to know about my husband’s health as he gets up in age and vice versa. As a woman there are tons of things geared to us about beauty, health, relationships, but for men there is hardly anything for them to pick up in their idle time about the same subjects, especially Black men. Keep informing us and doing right by our community!

Martha James
Washington, D.C.

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