Letters to the Editor /Photo: iStock
Letters to the Editor /Photo: iStock

The Efforts of Our Teachers Deserve to Be Told

I think a worthwhile addition to The Washington Informer would be profiles of different DCPS or charter school teachers in each issue. DCPS and its educators get more than enough bad press, and teachers in general are not given the respect and admiration they deserve. Each day, men and women enter classrooms in this city charged with not only educating their pupils, but often wearing the hats of counselor, psychologist, entertainer and surrogate parent. Besides being knowledgeable about their subject, they must be creative, flexible, watchful, fair, caring and enthusiastic. It is no small accomplishment for a teacher to make it through a school day, not to mention an entire school year, and then year after year after year. I think if you chose a different DC Public School or charter school and profiled a teacher there – new or veteran teacher, long-time DC resident or new to the city, different ages, ethnicities, or various experiences prior to coming to education – it would give readers a chance to know about the outstanding things that teachers are doing in the city. Families new to a neighborhood might learn something about the schools there, and conversely, a school that might be new to an area of the city could get some more exposure. More than anything, I think such a column would give some much-needed and highly-deserved positive press to the people on the front lines of molding and inspiring the young people of this city who will, someday, inherit our world.

Justine Marquette, DC Resident

The Informer – No One Does it Better

I thoroughly enjoy reading the Washington Informer because I think it does an amazing job of covering the events and issues relevant to residents of Washington, D.C. In a city that has changed a lot over the years, I think it is especially important for African-American residents to have a newspaper that really focuses on the issues that are relevant to them. Keep up the good work!

Fred Goings, DC Resident

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