Ryan Macklin
Prince George's County Police Officer Ryan Macklin (Courtesy of PGCPD)

I was shocked to read that an officer was charged with raping a woman while on duty. It’s so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that people who are sworn in to protect and serve do this kind of thing. Maybe it’s my naiveté but I just can’t picture it. This is so awful and my heart goes out to the victim. Although this isn’t the best news to read, we as a community must be informed.

Myla Thomas
Washington, D.C.

Mysterious Illness Scary for Parents

What is the world coming to? I read the story “Polio-like Illness Strikes Children in 16 States” — I mean, what is going on? As a mother and a grandmother who often has conversations about vaccinations and if they are necessary, this scares me. The thing that most scares me is that it can appear as a common cold and then, all of a sudden, an otherwise healthy child can’t walk. I will definitely be following any new developments with this story.

Carolyn, Simms
Hyattsville, Md.

D.C. Council At-Large Race Mess

I supported Elissa Silverman for the D.C. Council at-large race before when she ran. I don’t remember who ran against her, but she impressed me as a no-nonsense candidate that would not hold her tongue if she won a seat on the Council. I also am impressed with Dionne Reeder, who’s done a lot to help families in Ward 8. This will be a difficult decision for me, but I don’t need a lot of racist and anti-Semitic jabbering, especially when it may not truthfully describe either candidate. I appreciate your editorial that reminded us to vote on Nov. 6. I’ll keep my decision to myself and the ballot box.

Jeanette Foster
Washington, D.C.

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