Neil Gorsuch
Neil Gorsuch, the president's U.S. Supreme Court nominee, undergoing Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. (Courtesy of

I think it’s a forgone conclusion that Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice. D. Kevin McNeir’s article, “Civil Rights Leaders Oppose Neil Gorsuch Nomination,” in the March 30, 2017, edition raises some very interesting points, but I think it’s a little too late. With the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate all controlled by Republicans, there is no stopping this confirmation. This should be looked upon as a wake-up call to all who may oppose his confirmation. We need to organize, and we need to be sure and get each and every one out to vote in the next election. This is what we get when we don’t take voting seriously. Blacks voted in historical numbers when Barack Obama was running for president. If that’s what it takes, we need to act as if Barack Obama is running in each and every election, and I mean that, seriously.

Milton Vonn
Silver Spring, Md.

‘Patriots’ Should End Kaepernick Hypocrisy

Where is the outrage? When an African-American athlete decided to show his support for African-Americans being killed by white police officers across the country, by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem, you had individuals from all walks of life coming out to call him unpatriotic, and now he is being blackballed from playing a game he loves. So I will ask the question again: Where is the outrage? Where are all of those patriotic voices that so quickly condemned? Where are all of those who wrapped themselves in our flag and tied themselves to a song and felt they had been wronged? Where is that outrage, now that we have a president who has been elected with the help of foreign agents? Where is the disgust that was so widely talked about because someone didn’t stand for our national anthem? I am still waiting to hear and see the outrage from all of those patriots!

James Robinson
Washington, D.C.

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