Model Ambra Gutierrez was the first to take on Harvey Weinstein. (Courtesy photo)
Model Ambra Gutierrez was the first to take on Harvey Weinstein. (Courtesy photo)

“Something’s Fishy about Waiting So Long to Report Sexual Assault” — the usual victim-blaming language. The victim just HAD TO DO SOMETHING WRONG.

Thank goodness Pandora’s box is open. Most children, teens and adults who report sexual harassment, abuse and assault are re-victimized, blamed, discouraged and silenced.
My earnest and utmost hope is that victims and survivors continue to shine the blaring light on the centuries of injustice of sexual violence and the more people try to make us SHUT UP the LOUDER WE RAISE OUR VOICES! #MeToo

B.D. Bunting

GOP: Poor Need Not Apply

Marian Wright Edelman’s column (“Republican Tax Bill Robs the Poor to Feed the Rich”) accurately describes what this legislation really is. While corporate tax cuts are to be permanent, the proponents of this bill have argued that with large corporations benefiting from the tax cuts. Programs that benefit the lower-income families that need assistance will experience deep cuts. I guess having a legislative victory is more important to the Republicans than having a bipartisan law that would be for all the American people, not just the elite.

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