Otto Porter Jr. (Courtesy photo)

Your writer, William J. Ford, in his article, “Porter, Beal top Wizards Media Day,” October 1, 2015, wrote his story as if he were reading my mind. I believe that the Washington Wizards need to have Otto Porter in the starting lineup so that he, Beal and Wall can grow and get used to each other’s moves on the court. When the Wizards drafted Porter, I thought it was one of the greatest moves the organization had made in years. It meant they had three young guns that they could really build around, and it appears they are trying to do just that. But, I want to reiterate, Otto Porter is the key. They have to let him start and get the amount of playing time he needs to become comfortable playing with Wall and Beal. As for Beal and his contract situation, hopefully, the Wizards will do the right thing and give him the max deal so he can be a Wizard for years to come. After years of botching draft after draft, the Wizards seem to be on the right track of building a winning franchise and really being able to compete for a championship. So let’s GO WIZARDS!!

Terrace Bolding, Washington, D.C.

Stevie Wonder Rocked, Indeed

“Stevie Wonder Ready to Rock the District” by Stacy Brown, written in the October 1, 2015, edition of The Washington Informer, is a good article, but you know what was better? The show itself, I was there and Stevie Wonder did rock the house. What an experience! I mean, I can never get enough of Stevie Wonder and his music. His music makes you move, it makes you feel good about yourself, it makes you think and when he performs it live it is a total musical experience. The album, “Song in the Keys of Life” I will have to put up there as one of my all time favorite albums. It brings back so many memories of years gone by. One memory I have is putting my stereo speakers in my apartment window blasting the music outside while I washed my car, “I Wish Those Days Would Come Back Some More.” Something else I noticed about the show was all of the young people in the house, I mean really young people, elementary school age folks, and it was great. He had us all dancing on our feet. Stevie Wonder is a national treasure, and he and his music should be treated as such. When is he coming back?

Jerold Lambert, Washington, D.C.

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