**FILE** Nichelle Nichols (Super Festivals via Wikimedia Commons)
**FILE** Nichelle Nichols (Super Festivals via Wikimedia Commons)

Rest in peace to the icons Bill Russell and Nichelle Nichols. It’s incredible what they accomplished in their lifetimes despite the odds against them. We hold our ancestors in high regard because they earned and deserved it — safe passages to the other side, brother and sister. 

O’dell Armstrong
Laurel, Md.

Blacks Are Climate Activists, Too

Thank you, Washington Informer, for spotlighting African American climate activists. I agree that environmentalism and its advocates are whitewashed, and we don’t see the full scope of the people fighting the good fight. So, it’s important we continue to tell our stories. Black folks are involved in any and all areas of importance despite what the media shows. 

Roger Watson
Washington, D.C.

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