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Bravo, editor! I thoroughly agree with everything you said in your column titled “If Blacks Were the Triggerman in U.S. Mass Shootings, the Solution Would Be a No-Brainer.” You eloquently laid out the difference between Robert O’Reilly, Robert Jackson and Roberto Sanchez. If it were Black and brown people committing domestic terrorism, every neighborhood we inhabit would be under siege.

Jennifer Bembry

Washington, D.C.

Barry Farm Has Place in D.C. History

I had no idea about the history of Barry Farm. As a newcomer to D.C. I always thought it was a project building in Southeast, a source of blight and crime and the sooner it went away, the better. With all the new information I have I still believe it needs to be demolished, but I do think it should be designated as a historic site. I’m not against affordable housing; however, I think concentrated areas of poverty serve no one well.

A.D. Thomas

Washington, D.C.

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