Not surprised to read “Millions have holiday debt from 2018.” What do you expect? The average person’s wages just aren’t enough to buy everything cash, so in this capitalistic society, we are forced to indulge in the credit system. That means we buy overpriced items and spend 5-10 years making the minimum payment to pay it off. I’m not judging — I’ve been there. The best thing you can tell yourself for the holiday season is, if I can’t pay for it cash … I don’t need it!

Shelly Thompkins
Washington, D.C.

Giving Heroes Their Props

I enjoyed reading about some of our unsung heroes in the District in this issue of the WI Bridge. To me, they aren’t really unsung because I’m very aware of their work in the community. Still, good to see them being recognized.

Gary Richardson
Alexandria, Va.

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