A student holds a program booklet during the 148th Commencement Convocation at Howard University on Saturday, May 7, 2016 in Northwest. /Photo by Patricia Little
A student holds a program booklet during the 148th Commencement Convocation at Howard University on Saturday, May 7, 2016, in Northwest. (Patricia Little/The Washington Informer)

Your recentl editorial on the legacy of Howard University (“Howard University’s Legacy Perseveres,” May 11-17, 2017) brought home the fact that many of us in the Black community take for granted what our institutions stand for. We forget the struggles others have gone through to make sure opportunities are provided to the rest of us. I hear folks complain about our HBCUs, black churches, black-owned business and even black-owned media like The Washington Informer. Nothing or no one is perfect, as we see every day in the news as airlines, restaurants and even the Internet are challenged about the quality of service they give to their consumers. But we still ride those planes, eat in those restaurants and would die if we had to give up on the Internet. So, thank you for reminding us that we’ve got to stop complaining and start supporting if we want to see things improve in our community. We need our black-owned institutions to be stronger because we know in the end, that’s all we know we can depend on.

Valerie Shaw
Baltimore, Md.

More Health News

I just read a copy of your health issue in a recent edition of The Washington Informer. What would it take for your staff to do more health stories on conditions prevalent in the Black community? As much as I hear about the greater prevalence of prostate cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity among blacks, you would think a newspaper like The Washington Informer would be carrying stories about health issues like that every week. As a longtime reader, I think you do a pretty good job with most of your coverage, but I would like to see more health-related coverage that can help our people from becoming so sick. This is just a suggestion, but I am hoping you will follow it.

Mark Gordon
Hyattsville, Md.

Social Media

Just a brief note to express my appreciation for The Washington Informer’s use of social media. You all are very active on Twitter and FB, especially with Facebook Live. Keep up the good work.

Tracy Brown
Oxon Hill, Md.

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