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In the midst of major treats to the hard-earned rights that working people won as part of the New Deal, civil rights movement, the War on Poverty and the Great Society, now comes the latest assault. With the endorsement of the Trump administration, the Supreme Court is imposing extreme individualism on working people. The 5-4 court decision [May 21] reached back to 1925 pre-Depression-era jurisprudence to justify its assault on the rights of working people. This is a classic case of the destruction of the “administrative state” that Trump and Stephen Bannon promised. Let us not be distracted by the antics of the Trump regime when 140 million Americans live on the margins, 74 million women and children live in poverty, 13 million of whom are children. We must mobilize, resist, vote and reverse this assault on the fundamentals of our democracy.

Alvin Thornton
Former Prince George’s County School Board president

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