**FILE** Robert Mugabe

I didn’t know much about Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe but I’ve heard the different accounts from the media about the good and the bad he’s done. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the truth because you just can’t trust the mainstream media to report on Black people fairly and to tell the whole story. On one hand, he’s an awful man that killed people; on the other, he instilled Black pride in his country and was a hero. What really is the truth? For those of us not privy to Africa and their affairs, it’s hard to know where you should stand.

Leon Tommes
Washington, D.C.

Kudos to Gray on Health Care

I applaud Councilman Vince Gray for continuing to push for comprehensive health care east of the river. We must keep at it and support him in this effort.

Mary Keifer
Washington, D.C.

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