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I live in Temple Hills and I was encouraged by the story in your paper by William Ford about a small but determined group of Prince George’s County residents who want more opportunities for children to attend nontraditional schools based on the lack of improvement in traditional settings.

I believe it’s imperative that our children have the support they need to succeed, and if that means their success comes via nontraditional schools, then I’m all for it. While some local public or traditional schools do well, not all teach our children everything that they will need to be successful citizens.

Town hall-style forums, as the article noted, does provide parents like myself and others to not only voice our concerns but to hear our local officials and other stakeholders give updates on what is available and what might become available in the future.

I look forward to more town halls and I look forward to reading more about school choice.

Anthony Curtis
Temple Hills, Md.

Cancer Survivor Inspires Others

I was captivated by your story on Donna Hopkins, who has survived cancer and being an amputee. Her story is an incredible story of survival and perseverance. It is also inspiring.

While I don’t personally know an amputee, my brother is currently battling an aggressive form of cancer and he’s also an athlete. In your story by Stacy M. Brown, it was noted that Ms. Hopkins is an athlete and, in part, that’s been one of the keys to her being able to battle her illness and stay strong-minded.

These are stories that we need more of and I’m thrilled that The Washington Informer regularly writes about such inspirations.

Thanks you and keep up the great work.

Lana Savoy
Washington, D.C.

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