**FILE** Magic Johnson (Courtesy of BlackAmericaWeb.com)

It was very cool and surprising to see that Magic Johnson went to Ballou High School and talked to the students there. This is why I make sure to read The Informer every week because I get to read about things that interest me. Magic has always been a hero of mine and I am amazed by the life that he has carved for himself and how he continues to reinvent and be a role model.

John Warton
Washington, D.C.

Putting Faces to Names

I really enjoyed the “Baltimore Chef Cooking Up National Success” story, but I wish that you included a picture of the chef because I would have liked to see what he looked like. The reason I say that is because I am not technically savvy by choice and I try to stay away from that stuff. So I generally don’t run to Google. Please consider readers like me in the future who likes pictures.

Marvin Sterling
Washington, D.C.

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